Anime Soothing Music for MEOW (Haburu) | Listen to Sleep Immediately

Anime Soothing Music for MEOW (Haburu) | Listen to Sleep Immediately

Some of Haburu’s most favorite songs:
– The best lullaby for cat (Meowssage):
– Proud of MEOW:
– Brahms’ Lullaby for Meow:
– Always with MEOW:
– Masterpiece Mashup for MEOW:

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39 reviews - Anime Soothing Music for MEOW (Haburu) | Listen to Sleep Immediately

  1. Adorable cute angel ??????

  2. RC Million says:

    Plot twist the cat is dead and this is its manorial

  3. 0:57 hi im back after almost an year lol, still donno what piece that is, someone tell me so i dont keep coming back to read the comments lmao

  4. A Denise says:

    Haburu – Golden hands, long fingers, perfect for a pianist! You sing beautiful! the kitten helps you to transmit all the sensitivity! Thank you! Bravo!

  5. Mango says:

    is this from kikujiro? and if i am correct well lets say some parts of it are not so calming

  6. Davsky says:

    What’s the name of the second piece?

  7. 빡귤 says:

    뭐야 이 미친 귀여움은

  8. This cat lives better than me?

  9. lee soso says:


  10. 오승진 says:

    Well Listener

  11. Everytime the piano things move his head his face is like B I T C H

  12. Talent combined with wholesomeness, absolutely pure and amazing. I love this channels content.

  13. DigitalSinz says:

    Feel like I wanna sleep already :I gn now ima hear this song till I sleep

  14. Tough says:

    Прикольный у вас котик ????

  15. Alexis says:

    What's the song/s called?

  16. 2:07 when you remember something awkward you said 4 years ago.

  17. Give me all the songs name ples

  18. Omg its realy cute

  19. MitsyruP says:


  20. Who is author of this song? How to call this composition?

  21. Cat Relationship Goals.

  22. Mojo1356 says:

    Daw. It’s so cute- I just want to hug him/her!!

  23. DTG says:

    That's pretty

  24. liam lone says:

    If this isn't true love… I dont know what is..

  25. one question: when you play a wrong note the meow notice?

  26. pete giffin says:

    “Listen to sleep immediately”

    Cat: wakes up during the song

  27. Bonbun Chan says:

    The piano playing is beautiful and the cat is sooo cute! I really love your playing though ?

  28. Can you give me all song names

  29. Buket bois says:

    Sounds like Minecraft theme song a bit

  30. Zhang Huge says:

    ?you glued your cat there?

  31. Anme R says:

    14 people don't want Meow to sleep.

  32. RonoTron says:

    What’s the 2nd song called?


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