21850 Aaron Donald's "Sharp" Training Technique | NFL Films Presents

Aaron Donald's "Sharp" Training Technique | NFL Films Presents

Aaron Donald’s “Sharp” Training Technique | NFL Films Presents

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24 reviews - Aaron Donald's "Sharp" Training Technique | NFL Films Presents

  1. The only difference Aaron Donald has over other defensive lineman is that he’s fast, strong, smart, and aggressive…lol. Beast mode!

  2. No sacks first what 4 games? Then 20 1/2 in 12 games. Beast.

  3. PJohnson says:

    He told a grown ass 300+ lb man to not ask for help, BE A MAN ?. Best player in the league with just that comment.

  4. she wanted the d

  5. Trevor P says:

    He looks like a buff steph curry

  6. Adam Weiss says:

    Who uploaded this? The interlacing is terrible

  7. This guy is a freak of nature he looks like a mini hulk

  8. I’m a Falcons fan but god damn I love watching Aaron Donald play. He’s just amazing

  9. If not for the double team this dude will get more than 20.5 sacks bet

  10. Dahlyo01 says:

    Yall talking about Michael Strahan, but Jerid Allan did the exact same thing

  11. I don’t think I’d be shy if Charissa Thompson was interviewing me

  12. And there he was in the SB53 , asking the Pats to just go one on one against him because they shut him down and he was largely ineffective.

  13. Fletcher Cox way better then him

  14. Charissa makes her comeback in the… entertainment industry

  15. That lady is annoying him. Like STFU and wrap it up lol

  16. Normal, more like a huge fucken guy, best of luck 99

  17. Not taking away from his credit but the nfl has gotten hella soft

  18. I know it's painful that Aaron Donald didn't win Super Bowl 53 but he's #1 and I know he's gonna do better. Who's house? Rams House. ????

  19. Last night I had a dream that Steph Curry and Aaron Donald were twin brothers and when Curry would get bullied in high school he would just call his twin brother lol

  20. 44 says:

    Be a man ???

  21. Mans has a tan line on his forehead cause of his helmet

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