27510 9 Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

9 Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

No you’re not crazy… this video has been re-uploaded due to a censorship issue, apologies.

We’ll never forgive Joss Whedon.


Avengers Endgame
Jurassic World
Transformers: Age Of Extinction
Hostel: Part II
San Andreas
The Hitcher (1986)
Scream 2
Saw III.

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31 reviews - 9 Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

  1. The asian guy from the Friday 13th remake/reboot, i can't remember which it was… but i remember his prolonged death! He was easily the most (possibly only) likelable chatacter too!

  2. Snackz says:

    I feel like parasite had some brutal deaths but idk

  3. I don't understand people taking legitimate issue with good or flawed characters dying "too" gruesome. Like, good and innocent people don't automatically die good deaths. That's not how it works

  4. Gordon in 2012. But haven't seen the brutality

  5. This a reupload?

  6. Daniel deserved his death

  7. Newt and Hicks

  8. I like The hitcher. Remake

  9. Allison Kerry was one of my favorite characters in saw. I'm glad the one who kidnapped her and who rigged the trap died. She deserved better than that

  10. blackonyx1 says:

    TJ Miller's character is the one that alerted the authorities their whereabouts, so he had to go.

  11. Who writes this shit as supposed entertainment? Wouldn't watch a Hostel film if you paid me in gold duckets………..utter trash.

  12. Seth Long says:

    "What's your favorite scary movie?"
    "Showgirls, absolutely terrifying". -Randy Meeks.

  13. Seth Long says:

    Heather Matarazzo, there's a movie she was in in the early 2000s called sorority boys I honestly think that for anybody that hasn't seen it you should stop what you're doing and rent it right now.
    Her lines in that movie are golden and she's one of the biggest reasons I love it so much.
    "I try to talk to guys but they run away from me, so I try to chase after them but I can't cuz one leg is shorter than the other!".

  14. Number one should be Bambi's mum ?

  15. Isn't that the point though? You establish a character as likeable and it becomes even more tragic when you kill them off. That pushes itself one step further, in Hostel 2, when you know the lore behind the killing. Elizabeth Bathory was a real life serial killer and noblewoman. She used to bath in and drink the blood of virgins, claiming that it had rejuvenating properties which kept her young. She essentially was a legendary vampire of her time.

  16. Daisy SW says:

    The guy from Jurassic Park 2, he saves that trailer from going over the cliff then gets mauled by two TRex!

  17. Yup, I’m still pissed about Wash’s death. F**k you, Whedon.

  18. Graphic throat slitting with resultant blood pour? Check.
    Blood covered nipple? CENSOR!!!

  19. Organon says:

    I am glad the Torture Porn trend is over.

  20. Trip from star trek Enterprise should be at number one spot.

  21. I'm sure that I have seen this video before.

  22. Ivo Tiago says:

    Nº 9 was the moment was the moment when Jurassic World went from boring and underwhelming to absolute and utter shit. Not only the girl´s death but the entire pterasaur attack scene, is ridiculous and nonsensical.

  23. Have they done this exact same list before or did i see it on another channel?

  24. For a second, i thought this video was just going to be Sean Bean's death's.

  25. Assassin X says:

    Deep Blue Sea killed Susan. And while she was responsible for the sharks, her motives were good, she tried to redeem herself and she was the one female antagonist deserving to survive when she did the unthinkable and basically sacrificed herself. That caught me by surprise.

  26. girl from Dagon movie

  27. Dizzys death in starship troopers was really Grim…

  28. Wait, you've done this list already

  29. Cinna from Hunger Games/Catching Fire!

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