33311 80s Greatest Hits - Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s - Oldies But Goodies #2

80s Greatest Hits – Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s – Oldies But Goodies #2

80s Greatest Hits – Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s – Oldies But Goodies #2

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36 article reviews 80s Greatest Hits – Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s – Oldies But Goodies #2

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  2. Michael Butler

    April 1986, I turned thirty. I would love to relive those days! Music was full of life, and so was the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rock G

    If i had a chance to return to the 80's forever i would, i really miss having fun like that with little or no violence

  4. Rock G

    the 80's was the best decade and time of my life, every song has a meaning to a girl, car, party, fun times, bad times, losing a loved one, etc. I will always remember the 80's because times were simple and people weren't so uptight

  5. Rock G

    the 80's decade was the best time of my life, and will always remember the songs, especially because every song has a memory of a time behind the music

  6. joseph siluvai

    Songs classic 🔥

  7. Casey Stromei

    Gen X !!


    Love the 80s music

  9. Román Rodríguez

    Estimado editor simplemente y de buen corazón es la mejor música de ayer, hoy y siempre gracias me regrese a mis días de juventud muchas felicidades grax 1000

  10. Bern Frank

    Rap sucks can’t handle it😡👎

  11. Sick Game Squad

    Bro, "Losing My Religion" is from the 90's.. Wtf.

  12. Vanessa Ashley Estrada

    Real music

  13. Vanessa Ashley Estrada

    80s music um yes

  14. Kimberly Mayes

    Sounds like it was recorded from the actual cassette. I miss the 80's!

  15. Slow Rock Ballads

    The "70's Greatest Hits" drew me in…. But your fabulous mix of the decades rock music keeps it playing and me wanting to hear what's next.!! Great Job.!!

  16. Dp P

    This is one of the better 80’s play lists I have seen! I am a 80’s girl!!


    two steps from hell

  18. Marcelo lima da Costa lima da costa

    Brasil muito bom amo 😎

  19. firey random lambo apple stuff

    I can confuse my entire school with oldies. (Yes I’m young (15 years young )))) lol 2021

  20. Jamais Vu

    So this is what my dad want ^~^

  21. REE'NAY Z

    Listening to this while cooking, only difference the kids aren't running around and asking when will dinner be ready like they used too in the 80s, all grown up now.

  22. Dan N

    But much commercials but very good mix

  23. Crazy Crew

    I sure miss things in the 80s

  24. Cherl Davis

    I miss the 80's so much, this was when music use to have purpose and make sense unlike music today. Thank you

  25. Roarygamerz z

    I’m 14 and I damn wish I was born in the 80’s

  26. Jorge Arocho

    Just good music 🎶

  27. its Iykos

    This is real music

  28. Patrick Sta2

    I wish I was born in the 80s

  29. Brooklyn Hutto


  30. Xo_amber 133

    Remember the days when Autotune wasn’t created and singers can sing with their real voices? Those were the days

  31. Tim Bower

    Also nothing else to do but during a Saturday listen to music and being born in 78 you got bored so I went riding on my banana seat 🚲 and jammed out.

  32. Tim Bower

    Spent Sundays listening 🎧 to this stuff and as for today new stuff isn't that good.

  33. micheal Lewis

    Nothing better than classic as 80s songs

  34. Decoideas by Aurora. aurora zuñiga

    Excelente música ochentera ❤️🇨🇱🇨🇴

  35. Doug Allen

    Alot of great memorys as a teen in the 80s when I listen to this music,,I would give up all technology of today to do it again,,so much fun!

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