[4K] Marvel's Avengers First Impressions: Brilliant On PC But What About PS4 Pro?

Not much in the way of video has been released, but John and Alex have both had access to the PC and PS4 Pro versions of Marvel’s Avengers… and they’re impressed! Get the full lowdown on the Gamescom 2019 demo here.

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46 reviews - [4K] Marvel's Avengers First Impressions: Brilliant On PC But What About PS4 Pro?

  1. Hey everyone, this is likely to be our last Gamescom 2019 video, so we wanted to send out a shout out to everyone who came to say hello! Control and Astral Chain are the big game releases for this week, and rest assured, we will be covering them as soon as we can – but bear with us for a couple of days while we catch up! Thanks!

  2. Owen West says:

    Can't wait to play this at 60fps

  3. Rye Bread says:

    You're video for this game made me more interested than any other video, I've watched! Top notch content as always John and Alex!

  4. Can you cover Dragon question xi s demo? The antialiasing is non existent

  5. Patrick D. says:

    PC version? Made by Nixxes? Multi-GPU support garanteed! My 2 RTX 2080s SUPER NVLinked are ready.

  6. Jason Walton says:

    This games gonna look lit ? on the X.

  7. Dave Wills says:

    9 months away, Lame.Hope its ''Always Online''.

  8. dragothica says:

    Maybe it's just the art style and cinematic look but this looks nothing like it's running on Rise of the Tomb Raider's engine. Maybe Shadow, but not Rise? Although I spotted couple of those "climb here" marks in the video when the Hulk was running on the crumbling bridge.

  9. Wow, it looks almost as good as the PS4 Spider-Man game

  10. Is there a way to BLOCK all Avengers/Marvel content in my browser?

  11. Too many games lately seem to be getting screwed out of advertising their best versions of the games by being forced to only show off the PS4 versions. You had Red Dead hitting native 4K on the xbone but because they advertise with Sony they could only show off the ps4 version meaning no one knew the game would hit 4K until launch. Now this game we’re stuck only seeing ps4 footage while everyone goes on about how great the pc version is.

  12. Danny Bakker says:

    What about xbox one x?

  13. Jim Jon says:

    why is the red power ranger a latino and where is spiderman

  14. nick jensen says:

    this game looks super boring

  15. Waiting master race on Xbox X and glorious real 4k

  16. Not great. Not terrible.

  17. Rod Munch says:

    The game itself looks terrible – not in terms of graphics, but in terms of being a game. Interesting to hear it might not be complete crap.

  18. Ayurai says:

    To me a game about a team (Avengers) which you play the story alone… is… really idiotic.

  19. isfek4Z says:

    Batman Sagas>this shit

  20. kevin jones says:

    Budget avengers assemble!

  21. Looks….boring. Just push a couple buttons to kill an enemy on a very very very linear map

  22. Roozel says:

    This game looks really boring.

  23. Talking about excitement i dont even want to play this game. This looks so generic.

  24. Cap's moveset is too similar to Kratos' to just be a co incidencce, Cap's dodge is surprisingly similar to Kratos and the shield throws literally feels like Axe precision throws. Oh wait! so his is entire combo! at 7:03 that's the haymaker crush move from GOW too

  25. Jason X says:

    It's good to hear that you guys are optimistic about the game. Personally, I'm still not sold on the face designs. Worse still, the thought of having a massive grind-fest where you repeat the same missions ad nauseam is a deal-breaker IMO.

  26. DANNYonPC says:

    Anthem should've gone that way too tbh

  27. Musty says:

    The game looks and plays like shit

  28. I was getting annoyed with all the people hating on this game, but after seeing the gameplay, i don't know lol It definitely needs some improvement. It doesn't look terrible but it's definitely not up to a high standard that's for sure. Especially because the combat isn't entirely different to Spiderman or God of war but objectively looks worse, slower, and more clunky. Hope they can fix that because otherwise it should be a fun game.

    Also, if they really gonna kill Cap in the first few minutes of the game I'm out. You can't make an avengers game where their leader and my favorite comic book hero isn't even in 90% of the game.

  29. B Dre says:

    Control analysis asap please!

  30. Simon Harry says:

    The Bible sanction slavery the Koran sanction slavery and condone slavery King James owned slaves and transported little kids to fuck knows were your ignorance holds no boundaries Fart out loud no matter how evil the war lord gods are you will still defend them your ignorance holds no boundaries

  31. why does cap look like so shit

  32. VG COMICS says:

    This game will be the GOTY.

  33. Davi Santana says:

    Esse uniforme militar do capitão america é da fase Marvel Now? ???Parece demais?????

  34. JP Huwaè says:

    Hi Digital Foundry, please analyse Control by Remedy for both PS4 Pro and Xbox one.

    It seems to have a very soft image quality probably 1080p on PS4 Pro.

  35. Dagevilight2 says:

    Where is Gears 5 tech analisys from the "Kait Unleashed" trailer?

  36. Carlos Saft says:

    YAY, I have always wanted to play an avengers destiny clone, Dragon Age 4 will be full mmo too, i love pc/console gaming today, i need an avengers phone gaming too, full of p2w microtransactions, i love spending 100$ a month in those games.

  37. EVOLICIOUS says:

    Graphics are awesome, but the gameplay is definitely meant for a 10 year old. Hard pass.

  38. Played the game at Gamescom too on Ps4 Pro. I was quite impressed how good it already felt and looked although we are still that far away from release!

  39. SANAFABICH says:

    Quick-Action fest, just like the tomb raider games which people seem to love for some reason.

  40. Mutation says:

    Oh look, it's the Revengers!!!!

  41. Elann Suvat says:

    Hulk's character movements look floaty. Hopefully they'll fix this eventually.

  42. david green says:

    Is there a Xbox one X version

  43. G Ran says:

    Looks dumb m cheaper voices

  44. Digital Foundry Can we please get Rich and Tom to do or talk on more videos please. Alex and John are starting to sound really grating on the ears. What I really enjoy about former two, is that they don't sound like bitches when pointing out something specific and ending sentences. What I mean by that, is that too many people these days sound so unbelievably obnoxious with that grating rising pitch when they talk, especially nerdy gamer types. Please, more Rich and Tom. Way more articulate and pleasant to listen to.

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