21948 20 Behind The Scenes Secrets Marvel Doesn't Want You To Know

20 Behind The Scenes Secrets Marvel Doesn't Want You To Know

Behind the Scene Secrets Marvel Would Like To Keep Under Wraps

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Marvel Studios can keep a secret for the most part. There have been cameos and plot twists that they have managed to keep from audiences until the movie was released. But behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe there are some secrets that have gotten out that maybe Marvel would rather keep quiet. From the trials of consistent stars like Iron Man actor Robert Downey Junior or stars that were replaced like The Incredible Hulk’s Edward Norton and the original Rhodey Rhodes Terrance Howard, to power struggles behind the camera with Avengers director Joss Whedon all the way up to Kevin Fiege and Ike Perlmutter, these are the struggles that helped shape the MCU. Even comic creators like Thanos creator Jim Starlin can be responsible for behind the scenes drama. Early decisions about characters like the Wasp or the Mandarin shed light on the development of the character or actors like Mickey Rourke adding their own stamp to villains like Whiplash. Iron Man alone with its many story options or script troubles is enough of a drama to be its own movie. Sometimes behind the scenes drama like bringing Spider-man to the MCU can affect the introduction of other heroes like Black Panther. Sometimes it’s more light hearted like Thor actor Chris Hemsworth’s collection of hammers or Chris Evans seeking therapy to play Captain America. No matter what it is, it helped shape the MCU as we know it and informs how things might shape up in the future. Let’s look at some of the bigger secrets behind the MCU.

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45 reviews - 20 Behind The Scenes Secrets Marvel Doesn't Want You To Know

  1. Sony: sorry spidey yur out
    Marvel: ok tom holland r u ready for tye night monkey?

  2. Dude whats with the crazy bass troughout your videos. Its really annoying

  3. JayTeeHD says:

    You know what I don't want to know? this channel's existence cus it's dumb

  4. Marvel own xmen and fantastic four

  5. Marvel own xmen and fantastic four

  6. Most of them weren't even secrets ?

  7. I Know What They’re Doing I Was ALREADY There!

  8. Mody Osman says:

    When they uploaded 50% of these "secrets" to YouTube on there official channel, I wouldn't call them "secrets".

  9. It's called an INITIALISM! An an acronym is a •type• of initialism that spells a word aaaand… "RDJ" IS NOT A WORD!

  10. That thumbnail tho ?

  11. Spiderman = hides identity
    Black panther =hides identity
    Tony stark= I'm Iron Man ?

  12. Mr. Person says:

    So Marvel doesn't want me to know that making Thor fat was practical effects. Do they also want me to not know that Tom Holland is not actually spiderman?

  13. If marvel doesn’t want us to know this then why are they making videos about it lamo

  14. Whose Mike and Kelly ?

  15. ??? So thor is not fat yay!!!!

  16. Xx9z3 says:

    Sub to me

  17. Hulk smash in year 2012 Again Time stone past life.⏱

  18. Now they want to know

  19. Can you guys help me share this video to save water?
    CBR keep up the good work,

  20. Chris is so perfect that he needs to put a fake costume to look like an average man ?

  21. why have a thumnail with thor belly and not have any reference to it in this long video

  22. Ice_ King says:

    These aren’t secrets marvel doesn’t want us to know

  23. Thicc Thor tho he still hot

  24. TS SCI says:

    Fuck brie larson

  25. Wafflezz says:

    Bruh these secrets were let out by marvel themselves are you hungry for some views?

  26. I The Marvel Universe And All Marvel Characters

  27. a click-baity thumbnail, don't you think ? damn i hate that

  28. So i know people are gonna be mad but I like Incredible Hulk because it came out when I was born the exact same year and day that why I like it

  29. Marvel is fine with exposing the Thor Bro creation, they posted the clip themselves

  30. Xiotic says:

    In the beginning of the video when they say slip during the captain marvel clip rewind 10 secs

  31. Did you know that hella was at yondos funeral in Garudiens of the galaxy vol 2

  32. tariq_ says:

    the last one totally confuses me can someone explain pls ?

  33. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Spider-Man in the MCU

  34. Chemical Z says:

    Oh my god this channel is actually canser..

  35. The thing about the Loki tattoo was… that’s the name of his dog, and had nothing to do with the character.
    Marvel just didn’t want any confusion.

  36. Bruh they litterally released the fat Thor footage wtf lol

  37. Missed the secret of Sony taking back Spider-man

  38. 4000th viewer

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  40. I'm thicker than a snicker

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