10 Little Known Avengers Who Could Make Marvel Millions

Over fifty characters have been Avengers over the years… which ones could shine in the spotlight?


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37 reviews - 10 Little Known Avengers Who Could Make Marvel Millions

  1. I just want Ghost Rider played by Keanu Reeves in the MCU now.

  2. x ASAP x says:

    Also where the hell is MOON KNIGHT!!!! Perfect fit for Keanu Reeves.

  3. x ASAP x says:

    Sorry whatculture but I only want to see John Krasinski as reed Richards from the fantastic four. This need to happen!!

  4. I'm giving this a dislike for all this "lgbt" bullshit

  5. Mickey Johno says:

    There's loads more as well.

  6. Axxess Mundi says:

    Ms. Marvel

  7. luka luka says:

    Thats gay

  8. This list is kinda shit

  9. dawb86 says:

    Just think, a full blown SJW-agenda 'Captain Marvel' film made a billion at the box office. Imagine if they focused on strong character development and creative storytelling. Probably could've made almost TWICE as much…

  10. These character choices are great but these casting choices suck.

  11. keeganshigh says:

    Could you suck up any harder to the sjw crowd?

  12. A Black Knight half period piece and half modern day would be awesome. Just don’t take it as serious as they tried to take Thor but, also not making it as silly as Ragnarok.

  13. What about the squadron supreme, Hyperion,Gladiator,She-Hulk Or even Moon Knight!

  14. K Collier says:

    But when did Captain Britain ever join the Avengers? I wouldn't mind seeing Jocasta or Beast in the next version of Earth's Mightiest Heroes…

  15. I’d love it if Sentry could be part of the MCU.

  16. Thank you for making him the thumbnail?

  17. Would like (beside X-men and FF) to see She-Hulk and Beta Ray Bill.

  18. I would much like to see Hyperion in the Marvel MCU.

  19. I’d love to see Robert Reynolds aka the Sentry in MCU phase 4

  20. Gabriel Rein says:

    I see what you're doing Ewan!

    You pulled like half of this list from Hickman's Avengers run. I don't blame you though. That run was incredible.

  21. Kelvin G says:

    This is a repost.

    Update it at least

  22. brsurvivor1 says:

    I think America Chavez would be a brilliant character to being in and could be a connecting point with the Hawkeye Disney plus series to then create a Young Avengers movie

  23. Red- Man says:

    Squadron Supreme

  24. Delandos says:

    ''' much needed lgb rep for the mcu '' yes…. more politics…great …also don't genderswap cap uk

  25. T. R. says:

    Shrug… shrug… shrug….

    Heck yeah, Sunspot!!

    …shrug… shrug…

  26. Omega TM says:

    Blue marvel is a criminally underrated character for no reason

  27. You guys should make a list on past comic book predictions you made that came true…

  28. Doctor spectrum
    Us agent
    Captain Britain
    Black knight
    Moon knight
    Squirrel girl

  29. This is a great list full of surprises!!!

  30. Moon fucking Knight

  31. Millions
    Please marvel are playing the billions game

  32. No Nova being mentioned?
    The Nova Corps is also a good way to tie in Cosmic Entities and other universal stuff aside from the Eternals.

  33. Trash castings imo

  34. Matt Chew says:

    What about Wonder Man (Simon Williams)? The MCU could use another amusingly overconfident character to make up for the loss of Tony Stark. Star-Lord is out in space, but the Earthbound MCU still needs some comic relief…

  35. "Much needed lgbt representation" no we don't need that we got captain marvel I don't want the avengers turned into a lesbian man hating softcore porno. Marvel shown they can't cast or do a gay character in their movies without screwing it up.

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