「Gacha Life」Heart Attack – Demi Lovato ▪ Music Video

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¤ Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

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¤ Jennie – Solo

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I hereby declare that I do not own any audios in this video.

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30 reviews - 「Gacha Life」Heart Attack – Demi Lovato ▪ Music Video

  1. Blythsie says:

    @Silent Princess
    Are in this Music Video ♡

  2. Hily shit hang yourself

  3. jessica vega says:

    cough cough ahem instead of “like you” it should be cough cough LOVE YOU

  4. Feby Ajha says:

    video is amazing


  6. Waita sec i saw that character from presets!! >:^(=

  7. Oof ur an blink I’m halve blink and more ARMY

  8. Gummy Juices says:

    What about Binx?

  9. Nuuu i prefer binx x loraine

  10. I thought you were with binx

  11. But I ship you with BiNx

    why O.o

  12. Pixie Pix says:

    When ever I watch a Binx vid I tell my pet bird that u and Binx r together.
    Then I brought my pet bird to watch dis and at the part when U said that “boi” makes u glow my pet bird flew away?

  13. Roses are red
    Violeys are blue
    U are the best
    Just like your vids

    Srry if i mest up

  14. Hey i love your vids❤❤❤❤❤❤and i have a queation how do u crate vid cause im trying but i dont what app to use??hehe srry u dont have to tell if u dont want to ok<3<3<3

  15. I really love you loveable lorraine
    Cause your my favorite creator and best editor Especialy
    Binx too
    ( 6
    ( 6

    Love you my ship!!!

    Who loves
    Binx and loveable lorraine

  16. Rose Lili says:

    It feels so good , to be a pro youtuber .. I wish i could be like you guys 🙁

  17. That purple looks like mochi

  18. What do u use to make intos and edit?

  19. Umi Triyani says:

    Reeeeeeeeeee There Is Silent Princess on 0:28

  20. Why do they look like siblings

  21. Ello! Im a sub to! I got u from Silent :3 ❤?

  22. Azizah Jamin says:

    Ahhhhh you're so cuteeeèe!

  23. omY wat about binx

  24. Since when u have a crush? Dont mind im asking and i luv ur videos!

  25. Peachy MaNGo says:

    Do i see Silent Princess? Yesh i doooooo, OMGG!

  26. Beo Channel says:

    Can you please do face reveal or voice reveal please

  27. jubagz says:

    is that silent princses

  28. Ship ship ship ship ship has sailed yeeett yeshsghssh

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